Museum Re-Opening May 1, 2024

We are happy to announce that we anticipate that the Museum will be re-opening on May 1.  The new furnace has been installed and the placement of the new radiators is upcoming.  As this is the 75th anniversary of the Aaronsburg Story, that will be our featured exhibit.  We will, as promised last year, also be showcasing the Milk Bottles of the various Valley dairies.  And the boots will keep on walking at the exhibit of cobbler John Martz.  

We are all very sad at the passing of one of our most stalwart supporters, Guy Rudy.  As many of you know, Guy was a lifelong resident of the Valley and he and his partner in in all things, Ruth, were outstanding benefactors of the Association.  It was through their enormous generosity that the Museum was able to relocate to its present location after its first site was deemed unsafe.   And we were able to professionally equip the Rudy-Corman House with the fittings necessary to preserve our Valley’s history.  Guy’s dedication to our community was demonstrated by his service on many boards, committees and organizations.  We intend to celebrate a life well lived with all of us benefiting from his impactful dedication.

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