Room 2: Christmas of Yesteryear

South Wall – corner, rare German feather tree with Czechoslovakian ornaments, 1890. Glass case & tree, antique & handmade ornaments from Musser/ Gramley family, late 1800 & early 1900s. Note Christmas cards on south window, early 1900s..

West Wall – section of 2-story staircase salvaged from Keene Farmhouse, carefully disassembled and numbered by Harry Ward. Painstakingly cleaned and repainted by Ralph & Kay Gray, then reassembled by Harry Ward & Sam Yoder.

Antique gramophone wound with hand crank (missing) manufactured by Victor Talking Machine Co., 1911.

North Wall – newly acquired fireplace mantel with andirons & logs

East Wall – rockers by Bollinger and Jesse Mauck, local chair-makers, 1826 – 64

Doll under glass dome by German Schoenhut doll makers (191), wooden w/metal joints, porcelain face restored by dollologist

Exhibits:  Kerlin Poultry Empire  – Christmas of Yesteryear  –  Alcove Exhibit “Ladies Feathered Hats”  –  Newly Expanded Aaronsburg Story

Ongoing exhibits open during the Dutch Fall Festival and by appointment only:  The Carriage House & BarnThe Craftsman Building

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