2019 Exhibits

New for the year:

Exhibit Room 1

“It’s a Small Valley” features six intricate dioramas depicting life in Penns Valley.  ..

Exhibit Room 2

Christmas of Yesteryear – with new toy features for 2019

South Wall – corner, rare German feather tree with Czechoslovakian ornaments, 1890. Glass case & tree, antique & handmade ornaments from Musser/ Gramley family, late 1800 & early 1900s. Note Christmas cards on south window, early 1900s..

West Wall – section of 2-story staircase salvaged from Keene Farmhouse, carefully disassembled and numbered by Harry Ward. Painstakingly cleaned and repainted by Ralph & Kay Gray, then reassembled by Harry Ward & Sam Yoder.

Antique gramophone wound with hand crank (missing) manufactured by Victor Talking Machine Co., 1911.

North Wall – newly acquired fireplace mantel with andirons & logs

East Wall – rockers by Bollinger and Jesse Mauck, local chair-makers, 1826 – 64

Doll under glass dome by German Schoenhut doll makers (191), wooden w/metal joints, porcelain face restored by dollologist

Alcove Exhibit

Over There!

Send the word, send the word, there’s a tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 in the Alcove!


Stairway Portraits

Daniel Musser (1822-1888)

Maryjane Belle Musser Sturgis (died 1883 at age 23)

Bessie Sturgis, Maryjane’s daughter (age 3 at time of mother’s death)

Bessie Sturgis Gramley – as adult

S.Ward Gramley – husband of Bessie Sturgis

Samuel & Titus Gramley – grandfather & father of Ward

June Goyne Corotto – family connections & miniature photograph at age 3

Oil painting by June’s mother, Lucille (1925)

Second Floor

Ruth C. Rudy Foyer

Memorabilia from Mrs. Rudy’s 14-year service as Representative of 171st district in General Assembly & other political activities.

Note family photographs and fraktur of Mrs. Rudy’s parents’ marriage certificate, world map with push pins marking all locations visited by the Rudy’s.

Exhibit Room 3

The Aaronsburg Story

Expanded exhibit of photographs, programs, books, music, articles, 1949 pageant stage plan, newspaper pages, & other memorabilia from the original Aaronsburg story of October 23, 1949

Round Table – Booklets about the Aaronsburg Story available for donation, please

  1. Essay by Robert Weible
  2. Narrative by Maryann Yoder

Right Corner of Room – Clothes & photographs from 1949 event.

North Wall & Table – Map of Aaronsburg, Aaronsburg Story slide presentation & quotes from famous people who attended original 1949 event, follow-up event in 1953. Also pages from the 1949 Millheim Journal

West Wall – original shields from 1949 event. Table, articles and newspaper clippings about “perpetuation” of the story and formation of The Aaronsburg Story, Inc., erection of historical marker in 1997

South Wall – glass case, programs from The Story events since 1949

Table, photographs of Aaron & Rachael Levy, pewter communion set, article reporting rediscovery of ‘lost’ communion set in the Salem Lutheran Church building & other memorabilia from Aaronsburg and its story.

Genealogy Room

Genealogy records, books & papers

High school yearbooks, family & school pictures

Cemetery records

All available for research

New microfilm reader for old Millheim Journals containing local history and obituaries

2018 Exhibits:  My Lady’s Bedchamber  –  Christmas of Yesteryear  –  Alcove Exhibit “Over There!”  –  Newly Expanded Aaronsburg Story

Ongoing exhibits open during the Dutch Fall Festival and by appointment only:  The Carriage House & BarnThe Craftsman Building

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