Open Saturdays 1-4pm May-October

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners:

1. $100.00 Sue Kellerman
2. $100.00 Kim Hartman
3. $100.00 Oliver Burns
4. $50.00 Dick Dicken
5. $50.00 Surra Irving
6. Penns Cave tickets Anna McMullin

2017 Exhibits:
FLAX Field to Fabric  ::  Christmas of Yesteryear
Hats by Hess  ::  Newly Expanded Aaronsburg Story

Featured Exhibits include The Barn NOW with NEW displays, The Carriage House and the Craftsman Building

New plaque: The Old Fort, plus a limited number of Fye’s Frosty Cup Available now!

Geneology appointments by appointment:
Kay Gray, Collections Chairman (814) 349-5740
Maryann Yoder (814) 349-5079

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