Room 1: It’s a Small Valley

“It’s a Small Valley” features six intricate dioramas depicting life in Penns Valley.  The Dioramas on display are created by and on loan from Sam Stitzer and Scott Vogt.

Sam’s 3 Dioramas are:

1. The Centre Hall Railroad Station

2. Moving into Grange Fair

3. Log Cabin in the Woods.

Scott’s are:

1. Fye’s Frosty Cup

2. Musser’s Esso Gas Station Centre Hall

3. Red’s Barber Shop of Centre Hall.

Also on display, a locally painted chair that served as both functional and a beautiful work of art.

2019 Exhibits:  It’s a Small Valley  – Christmas of Yesteryear  –  Alcove Exhibit “Over There!”  –  Newly Expanded Aaronsburg Story

Ongoing exhibits open during the Dutch Fall Festival and by appointment only:  The Carriage House & BarnThe Craftsman Building